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Small Business Services

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You've started your own business and you know that your ability to survive depends, in large part, on planning for the future, while meeting the present challenges of today's ever-changing business environment. We can provide sound business advice and technical assistance to small businesses.

Our technical knowledge, training, and business experience enables us to help small business owners find solutions to their day-to-day problems. We also can provide you with advice on problems unique to the industries in which your business operates and help you make informed decisions.

We also can provide consulting services in areas such as cash management, risk management (insurance), financing, business valuation, compensation and benefit plans, computer-based accounting systems, succession planning for family-owned businesses, mergers and acquisitions, compliance with tax and government regulations, litigation support, organizational restructuring, and human resources planning.

As you determine compensation levels, hire employees and make decisions about benefits, insurance and stock options, we can answer key questions. For example, what is a benefit ?flex plan? ? and should you establish one? How should you handle pensions, or perhaps a 401(k)? Should you offer stock options and, if so, to whom?